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How to promote your company? What are the best online channels?

To promote your company, you need to promote it and use the best channels to reach your audience. But how do you can do this?

In the digital marketing world, there are many tools and channels that help you in your strategy and gain more competitive advantage.

So how do you promote your company?

1 - Develop a marketing plan

The marketing plan will answer several questions, such as where you can sell the product, how to communicate with people, how to advertise the company, etc. In preparing the marketing plan, the company will define strategic actions to stand out and sell its products.

Not sure how to get started? Read our article on creating a marketing plan.

2 - Use Google

Google is people's top choice when searching for information and brands. When designing your website, consider the most searched keywords in search engines, especially Google. It is not enough to have only one website; the most important thing is to be found. So use tools like Google Trends or Ubersuggest to improve your SEO.

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Do not forget about Google Ads. This Google ad platform is very useful for reaching the right people at the right time because your website will be accessed by people looking for your products.

3 - Use social media

Social media have been very effective in interacting with customers and businesses, as well as promoting products or services. However, a strategy must be defined for each, as each network has its own objectives and therefore different audiences. So to promote your company on social media, choose which ones are best for you. For example, if you think you might be able to attract a lot of people through quality, eye-catching photos, use instagram. If you are a B2B company, Linkedin may be a better option.

4 - Content Marketing

Content marketing will promote your company as it focuses on providing quality content to your visitors. For example, if you have a candy business, you can create a blog section on your site and write articles such as cake recipes, sweets, and more. If someone searches, for example, for "chocolate cake recipe", they may find your website and be interested in your products.

This is the inbound marketing strategy: the company does not go after the customers, but the opposite. This methodology consists of four phases:

  • Attract: offering relevant content;
  • Convert: turn visitors into leads;
  • Sell: help with the purchase decision;
  • Loyalty: maintain contact with the customer, establishing a lasting relationship.

Read our tips for good content marketing.

5 - Email Marketing

Email is very used and timeless. Also, almost everyone has email, so it would be a waste not to take this opportunity.

Ideally, get your customers' emails, segment by interests or other relevant data, and create a compelling newsletter. Learn how to get more subscribers.

6 - SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing is an even more direct channel and has advantages that Email Marketing does not have: the open rate is much higher, the sending is almost immediate, the message should be short and succinct (not having to worry about a catchy design , as in email marketing).

This channel is very useful for sending promotions and reminders.

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Social media tips to increase your business

Novembro 26, 2019

Managing social media doesn't just mean publishing “beautiful things” or publishing about your product. There is a whole strategy behind it in order to generate more results, for example planning, getting to know the target audience and publishing content of interest.

Read our social media tips that will help your strategy.

Social media tips

1 - Know how they work

Each social media has its own dynamics and goals. Try to understand how each one works, to know which ones are worth creating an account. But one thing is transversal to all of them: nobody likes direct sales on social media. So be prepared not to focus too much on selling your product.

2 - Understand how your audience interacts

Study how customers and potential customers participate in social media. Do they use them to find out what other people think about products and companies? Use to complain or compliment? So interested in more professional or more personal matters?

3 - Define your strategy

The strategy can be divided into three levels:

  • Relationship with customers: answering complaints, clarifying doubts, interacting with people;
  • Communication: dissemination of new products, useful information;
  • Loyalty campaigns: exclusive promotions for those who participate in networks or follow brand page.

4 - Produce quality content

Producing quality content will improve your company's image. For example, Instagram focuses on image sharing. Therefore, your brand should publish good quality and visually appealing images. Another example is YouTube, whose focus is video. Invest in good cameras to record videos.

Content should generate interactions, like likes in posts, comments, and shares. So it is a good idea to encourage people to interact with your posts. For example, ask questions, produce content in the form of games or activities, run contests, etc. This also helps in social media SEO. The more people interact with content, the more often it will be shown in feeds.

5 - Customer Service

Customer service was usually done over the phone. Nowadays, people start using the internet, especially social media, to make complaints, answer questions or compliment brands.

Use social media to improve your relationship with customers. In addition, interactions with the audience serve to provide insight into new content to be produced. For example, if many people have questions about the same subject, you can produce a post about it.

6 - Be differentiator

Participating in social media is not enough. Participate differently! You can show exclusive content, special promotions or provide personalized service. This way you will be able to capture people's attention and build their loyalty.

7 - Hashtags

The use of hashtags depends on network to network. On Facebook, for example, they are not widely used, so it is not worth using many: use one or two, or even none. On Instagram, they are most welcome, as well as on Twitter. But do not abuse. We know that the maximum limit for hashtag usage is 30, but never use this limit. There is no ideal number of hashtags to use; we advise 12 to 20, but it is not the rule. If you always use 30, social networks like instagram will consider your spam account.

Similarly, always avoid using the same hashtags as it will also be considered spam.