calls to action

How to convert more using calls to action

Calls to action are indispensable in any digital marketing strategy because it is from them that people take action on the website or other channels.

These tools help create the sales funnel, whose job is to get people to take actions that take them to the next step. These steps should be closer and closer to making a purchase.

Therefore, it is essential to place calls to action on your website, blog, newsletters and social media in order to increase conversion rate. Let's know more.

What are calls to action?

Calls to action, or CTAs, are any image or text call-ups in which a person clicks and goes to another page to perform an action.

A call to action can be written, for example “click here and try for 30 days” or “sign up for our newsletter”.

To create a good CTA, you need to know your target audience or persona (preferably) to know what words or images to use.

What is the use of calls to action?

  • Generate traffic to other pages of your website or blog;
  • Get people to subscribe to the newsletter;
  • Encourage the download of any material produced by the company, such as an ebook or infographic;
  • Direct visitors to a landing page to fill out a form with their details, such as name and email;
  • Make people watch videos;
  • Ask them to follow on social networks;
  • Ask them to answer a survey or survey;
  • Invite to participate in an event;
  • Encourage making a purchase.

Tips to convert more using calls to action


If you give people too many options, they won't be able to make a decision, which will lower their conversion rate. Therefore, through the CTA give a clear and succinct message.

It is important to be direct

Do not make the reader doubtful. When building the CTA, use the imperative, giving incentives for action. For example, "click here", "subscribe to the newsletter" or "buy now".

Explain the customer why

It is no use just giving the person "order"; you have to explain to her why it is advantageous for her. So show the benefits of taking a particular action. Use triggers as free trials or the advantages of downloading an ebook, for example.

Customize call to action

There are times when it is not enough to use expressions such as “buy now” or “download”. For example, when downloading an ebook, you might use phrases such as "I want to learn more about digital marketing."

Take care of the look

It is necessary to draw the attention of visitors before taking action. This is where the look of your CTA comes in. This includes colors, shadows, fonts and even gradients. Your CTA must be different.

Take A/B tests

These tests will show which CTAs convert the most and which model is best for you.