anunciar no facebook

Advertising on facebook is quite simple, but you need strategy and a good plan. Thanks to Facebook ads, it is possible to reach a larger audience and even gain new customers! However, if this is not done well, you will be spending money for nothing.

What are the mistakes to avoid when advertising on facebook?

1 – Very restricted or very wide audience

If your audience segmentation is very broad, your company will be spending money on people who are not relevant, who will not be interested in your offer. Therefore, when ads are served to a very large audience, Facebook harms your account, as it understands that it wants to reach everyone at any cost. Thus, the results will be few, since the people who would be interested in your offer are lost among millions of others.

Too narrow targets are based on the information that Facebook is providing you. For example, if your target audience is between the ages of 30 and 40, experiment with campaigning for people between 25 and 45. In addition, you can combine various interests. For example, if your company sells facial creams, you can target your ads to anyone who is interested in creams, beauty, aesthetics, and more related interests. Thus, the chances of reaching your audience will be greater.

2 – Wrong goal

Before you start advertising on facebook, you must define your goal, ie:

  • Clicks to the blog?
  • Site conversions?
  • Brand visibility?
  • Capture more leads?

When we enter the Ad Manager, in “create campaign” it is possible to choose the goal that will determine how it will appear to users. Then, facebook will spend the money according to the chosen objective.

For example, if the goal is to advertise a video and just make people watch it, it would make sense to select “conversion”, but “view”. But if you want to earn leads, you can run a form campaign.

3 – Budget choice

Initially, it can be difficult to see what the ideal value is to invest. However, after your campaign is approved, pay attention to cost-per-result and change budgets as needed. If the cost per result is too high, pause the creative and change the strategy. For example, try segmenting your audience, changing images, text …

4 – Inappropriate creative

To advertise on facebook, your campaign must attract attention and pass on the correct information to your audience. Otherwise, you will not achieve your goal.

Your ad will compete with other publications in people’s news feeds, so you should do your best to get your attention. So use a flashy image, write a suitable text and choose a good call to action. Also, don’t forget to follow Facebook’s parameters. For example, if you want to redirect people to a certain page on your site, check that the link is correct. Otherwise, your ad will be disapproved. Click here to read the Ad Policy.

5 – Do not analyze the results

Finally, analyze the results of your campaigns. How many impressions, reach, clicks, views … Anyway, everything that is relevant to make adjustments to your next strategies.