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Chatbot 5 C’s: understand this technology

The evolution of technologies implies the adaptation of companies to survive in the market. Chatbot are part of these technologies, with the aim of simplifying conversations with people.

Chatbot helps reduce costs and increase process efficiency and service.

To better understand how chatbot works, Zenvia created the concept of chatbot 5 C’s, which we explain below.

Chatbot 5 C’s

1 - Understanding

The first challenge in creating a chatbot is understanding the message people want to convey, ie what people mean. There are two ways to do this: either give your choice in your chat or ask an open-ended question, for example, “how can we help?”. In this second case, it is important to consider how the dialogue is done, taking into account languages, accents, slang, etc.

2 - Conversation

As a technology aimed at communicating with customers, chatbots must address the most diverse processes, such as customer service, common questions or even negotiations. Each company must decide what is the best way to conduct the conversation steps via chatbot.

3 - Communication

This is how chatbot expresses its features, personality and abilities. If he has a well-defined and consistent personality, he will build empathy and build more trust among people.

How to create this personality? Create an avatar, name and basic identity, taking into account the expression, tone of voice, style and the way you handle different situations. So the chatbot language should be simple, clear and appealing.

4 - Connection

The connection involves understanding the user's context, using customer information as well as interaction history. As chatbot learns from interactions, the ideal is to predict the human being.

5 - Channel

The channel is, nothing more, nothing less, where the conversation takes place. It can be on the website, email, mobile application or social networks.

Understanding these chatbot 5 C’s, companies will know how to improve their processes and customer conversations.