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Don’t Believe In These Email Marketing Myths!

Email Marketing is one of the oldest and most questioned digital communication channels. As it has been misused for a long time, some people still associate it with spam and therefore doubt its effectiveness and existence. This has spawned certain Email Marketing myths that many businesses believe in, missing opportunities.

Email Marketing Myths

Myth # 1: Email Marketing Doesn't Work and is Old Fashioned

Many companies still find that because it is an older channel compared to other channels, it is out of date. The point is that email marketing has been misused over the years and that's why some people associate it with spam.

However, many marketers use email marketing to reach their customers. In addition, it should be noted that this channel brings return, contrary to popular belief.

Myth # 2: Email Doesn't Grow

Email remains one of the most dominant marketing channels used by companies. After all, almost everyone has an email address, right? Think about how many people you can reach through Email Marketing.

Myth # 3: Interaction is not related to email delivery

How people interact with emails is important in determining where emails should be delivered. Knowing how people interact with email helps them adapt their marketing strategy.

Myth # 4: Click and open rates are the most important metrics because they are the most tracked

It is no use having many clicks and openings if there is no return later. Therefore, these two metrics are not the most important, but conversions and unsubscribe rates. While clickthrough rate is a good metric for measuring interaction, conversions are the most important metrics for whether your campaign is being effective or not.

Myth # 6: Emailing Every Day

As interesting as the content of your email is, people will eventually get bored if they send it every day. This causes them to unsubscribe or simply delete emails without reading them. Try submitting once a week.

Now that you understand the myths of Email Marketing and its raison d'être, enjoy this channel that will bring you more results!