mais subscritores em email marketing

If your business uses Email Marketing or wants to start using it, this article is right for you. Follow these tips to get more subscribers to email your newsletters and campaigns.

Tips to get more subscribers

Write a blog and explore the most read article

If you have a blog on your website, consider which article or articles are most read, which are best positioned and managing the most visits to the website. Then, by checking which topic they are most interested in, you can offer more information by showing them the option to become new subscribers.

If you don’t have a blog, consider creating one!

Offer something special

To attract new subscribers, do your best to make them feel special. It may offer, for example:

  • Exclusive content in advance, unlimited time, and much more;
  • Special discounts;
  • Gifts, gifts or discount coupons;
  • Access to sweepstakes;
  • Enrollment in courses with preferential access;
  • Tips on something interesting to the subscriber.

Calls to action

Calls to action are a good strategy to attract new subscribers as they lead users to take a desired action, for example, by filling out a form.

Include eye-catching buttons and flashy forms with clear, personal language. For example: “I want to subscribe” or “I want to participate”.

Landing pages

For example, if you want to offer an ebook, you can use a landing page with a form so that the person can receive the free ebook in exchange for a subscription.

Promotions and sweepstakes on social networks

Social networks are increasingly part of our daily lives. Why not take this opportunity? On social networks, you can campaign with a link to a landing page and attract new subscribers. Then of course, don’t forget to deliver what was promised!

Apply any of these strategies and you’ll see how your newsletter subscriber list will grow!