Black Friday 23 Nov 2018

Black Friday: prepare your eCommerce for this important date!

Novembro 16, 2018

Black Friday is already at the door! This date came in the United States, traditionally a day after Thanksgiving, and it has only recently been gaining popularity worldwide. It occurs on the last Friday of November; this year, will be on the 23rd.

According to analyzes by Black-Friday.Global, 95% of the Portuguese interviewed know Black Friday and 36% will take advantage of this date this year. Most consumers will buy both online and offline (45.27%), 41.05% will buy offline only and 13.68 online only. It should be noted that the number of consumers who buy both in physical and online stores has increased.

Companies that have an online store should take advantage of this date to boost e-commerce. Consumers "walk" easily from store to store on the Internet, so it is necessary to pay attention to several factors.

Tips to improve your ecommerce on Black Friday

Prepare your campaign

Preparing the campaign in advance is critical, as there may be new customers who will not return to the store until they are satisfied. Promotional prices, discount products, images, available stock, distribution, distribution, etc. should be planned very well. With a week off for Black Friday, it's crucial to test e-commerce on all platforms, especially on mobile. Also, review the stock in marketplaces, such as Amazon or Etsy.

Prepare your communication

The speed with which a subject runs on the internet is impressive and therefore it is important to prepare the communication well. Define the bids and then the channel media that will work best with your audience. It can be by email, AdWords, social media, etc.

If you prefer to use email, inform your customers through email marketing that the store will participate in Black Friday and offer discount coupons. Thus, customers will go back to buy, as well as being it’s to sell to those who already know the store. In addition, email is important to contact buyers who did not complete the purchase and left the cart. You must define custom emails to be automatically sent to the user who has given up the purchase. These emails should include images of the product you wanted, testimonials from other customers, warranty information and a return policy, and a CTA to get the customer to visit the store again.

In social networks, create captivating promotional images for social networks, banners and CTAs for the website. You can also produce videos and animations, which will take some time to produce. Include hashtags, such as #BlackFridayPortugal, # BlackFriday2018, among others.

Advertise on more than one channel, but always remember that your audience is on each of these channels.

Define the goals

Any marketing strategy must have objectives. It can be increased sales, brand awareness or advocacy. Black Friday is the ideal day to drive these goals, as in addition to selling more, will bring new customers, increase website traffic, etc.

Evaluate the structure

Make sure everything in your e-commerce is capable of handling large visitor flows, especially on Black Friday. Confirm that your e-commerce platform is fit, stock up on the most popular products and prepare the customer service team.

There is no margin for error. If something fails in its service, the customer will quickly look for another store's website to take advantage of these one-day deals.

Deliver customer safety

Unfortunately, many companies leverage Black Friday to fool consumers. This is the case of those that raise prices days before Black Friday, and then fall back on this day. Customers are increasingly aware, mainly thanks to the number of platforms that allow them to evaluate product prices to avoid fraud.

In addition, customers will be more confident if they are assured that the product is available immediately, will arrive on time, and that payment tools are secure. For this, it is advisable to have a security seal in the store, which inform the consumer that he is buying in a safe environment. It's also important to let customers review product pages. This is one of the most effective ways to give consumers confidence, as it is other customers who give the information and not the advertiser himself.

Build relationships and build customer loyalty

Black Friday is the ideal opportunity to create a good image of your company. With more new customers, you will also grow your database and can establish lasting relationships.

Attention to shipping

The value of shipping costs is often the deciding factor at the time of purchase. The product can be very cheap, but if it is not competitive in shipping, the customer will look for another site. Therefore, many companies allow customers to buy with free shipping, making the price more competitive. Another solution will be to offer postage on the first purchase, in order to start building a relationship with the customer.

Apply these tips to your Black Friday strategy and good sales!