campanha de sms marketing

Before starting an SMS Marketing campaign, one must be aware that there is already a lot of competition in the market. People are receiving more and more SMS Marketing campaigns, so it is necessary to follow a different and correct approach.

The idea is to get people to interact with the received message, for example through a call to action.

Start Your SMS Marketing Campaign

Set your goals

A good marketing strategy begins with well-defined goals. This obviously covers the SMS Marketing campaigns. These objectives should include customer segmentation, welcoming new users, etc.

Analyze SMS Marketing Types

Review the various types available and decide which one or ones best suit your offer. Read our article on types of SMS Marketing.

Know the target audience

Only by knowing the target audience and knowing their needs will it be possible to send an effective SMS Marketing campaign, most likely to bring you return.

Follow up campaigns

When people are interested in receiving the communication, they should start sending campaigns. Note the following:

  • SMS must follow a pattern;
  • It is advisable to include a call to action;
  • Follow a pattern in the frequency of campaigns sent;
  • Pay attention to the character limit, the message should be as succinct as possible;
  • We recommend treating people by their name (platforms allow for automatic inclusion of the name);
  • If you enter a URL, make sure it shortens it.

In short, plan your SMS Marketing campaigns well. Only then will you reach the right audience at the right time. Rest assured that the return will be higher!

If you want to know more, read our article about SMS Marketing tips.