como vender mais no carnaval

Is it possible to sell more at Carnival? Yes! Not all businesses fall under this theme, but if it makes sense for your business, take advantage of this commemorative date. This is the case of travel companies, hotels, toy stores and costumes, among others.

Tips to sell more at Carnival

Get into the carnival spirit

The first step to sell more at Carnival is to get into the spirit! Use themed elements both in your physical store and online. You can even create personalized pages with products and promotions. And don’t forget email or social media, which should also demonstrate that the company is in the mood.

Review the best selling products

Check which products were the most sold at this time in previous years. Also, identify what were the most searched content in January. The result will be the basis for creating greater prominence on your website, that is, it will help people find what they are looking for more quickly.

Bet on products related to Carnival

If your company sells costumes, travel packages, stays, makeup or carnival props, it may be a good bet for this season. Put these products on sale or highlighted near the date, on your website, social networks, physical store and email campaigns.

Make promotions

To sell more at Carnival, you can’t miss the promotions! They are always a good strategy to attract more buyers. As mentioned in the previous topic, advertise your promotions before Carnival, so that the store can sell more and compensate for the holiday, when there is usually less sales.

However, remember: making promotions does not mean losing profit. Therefore, choose products with a good margin, but which have to be sold, since they are seasonal (such as masks, thematic makeup, costumes …).

Communicate in a timely manner

As at any time of the year, you may want to communicate your campaigns before Carnival, especially if your company sells trips.

Encourage customers to return to your store

Give your customers reasons to return to your store (physical or virtual), through discount coupons, for example. This advantage can be given right after making a purchase or when searching for a product (in the case of the virtual store).

Remember that coupons must have deadlines to bring the customer back within a certain period of time.

Promote your store

Use all possible channels to promote your promotions. Highlight products on your website, use social media and bet on email marketing. Likewise, it will be a good idea to create a remarketing campaign on social media or Google Ads, to again impact users who searched for your products but did not buy.