We want to make a difference in the digital world

Scriptutex is a recent company, young and innovative spirit, which created a multitask team in the following sectors: Digital Marketing, SMS Marketing and Web Development.

Our goal is to provide the customer an integrated service, which includes Email Marketing, SMS Marketing and Web Development. We pay attention to User Experience while building websites, which helps the company in customer loyalty and satisfaction.

We also create Digital Marketing Plans, according to our customers’ business goals. Moreover, we help with social network management, with regular and updated posts.

The way you communicate, as well as the communication means you use, are increasingly important when acquiring new markets and new customers.

We believe that, in order to provide an excellence service, Scriptutex must offer the whole chain, creating a higher and more customized flow between the entity and the customer.

Additionally, we provide Database, Design and Publicity services.

Explore the advantages of the digital world!