seo on page

The website optimization is done by the company itself, in order to improve usability and to meet the standards of search engines.

When people need something, they use the search engines. Therefore, it is essential that your website appears in the first results. Let’s see how to do this through SEO on page.

How to apply SEO on page on the website?

Keyword / keyword

Before writing page content, think of the main keyword. The keyword must be at least in the first and last paragraph of the text. In addition, the keyword inclusion rate must be above 1% and must not exceed 2.5% of the total text. For example, for 300 word text, the keyword should appear 3 to 7 times in the text, including titles and subtitles.

The main keyword or keyword should not be used twice on the same website. If you use the same keyword on two or more pages, Google will understand that you have problems with duplicate content. For example, if you optimize two posts with the keyword pancake recipe, Google won’t know which one will rank higher. Therefore, it will give a lower ranking to both and favor another website.

Friendly URL

In SEO on page, it is very important to have a friendly or user friendly URL. Optimize the URL as follows:

  • Include the keyword in the URL;
  • Separate words from URL with hyphen;
  • Use lowercase letters;
  • The URL must be short and objective;
  • Avoid codes and symbols, which are not well identified by search engines.
  • A well-defined URL will rank better in Google results.

Page Title

The page title needs to be attractive as it is responsible for keeping the readers in the content. Also, the keyword should be at the beginning so that it is the most prominent part of the text. The title must be objective; Ideally 63 characters.

Meta description

The Meta description is the description that appears below the URL and title in the search results, which gives an introduction to the page content.

The description must be a maximum of 150 characters and include the keyword. Also, this summary should be eye-catching and sincere, to attract readers and keep them in the content.

Optimized images

Images directly influence SEO on page. As? Imagine that the image does not load for some reason and a description of it must appear. This description is essential for search engines. The keyword must be included there and the description must be true to the image as this information allows the search engines to read the content.

Optimized Subtitles

Subtitles help a lot in the user experience as they organize reading. So they also help you get a good placement on Google.

  • The most important title is H1, which defines the hierarchy of others;
  • The keyword must be included in H1;
  • H2 must also contain the main keyword;
  • H3 and the others are useful to better divide the text, making it easier to read;
  • H1, H2, H3, etc. should not be used out of order.

Include internal links

Google understands that articles / pages with internal links (ie links that lead to other pages on the same website) are of high value and quality. Basically, by including internal links in SEO on page, we are showing Google the website hierarchy and that the topics complement each other.

Include outbound links

Outbound links are those that link to pages on other websites. Google thinks it is important to link to other websites, when it makes sense, in order to create a better web.

Text Size

Text size is very important in SEO on page, as pages with little text are considered to be of less value. In addition, the longer the text, the easier it will be for search engines to determine the subject. You will probably have more links, more subtitles, and more images with the main keyword.

The minimum text size in SEO is 300 words, but it is recommended to use at least 1000 words.

Have an optimized website

In SEO on page, it is essential that your website is optimized for all devices, as Google greatly values ​​the user experience. So make sure your website opens correctly on mobile devices.

Now that you know the best of SEO on page tricks, start applying it to your website now. There are plugins that help a lot in this optimization. The best known is WordPress SEO Yoast, which gives good tips as you create the content of your pages.