The welcome email is the most important kind of email you may send. It’s the first greeting from the company after the person having subscribed the contact list. It’s very important, because people want to feel part of your project, to know more about the company, the values, the brand and the history.

According to Omnisend, the welcome email has an open rate of 42,2% and a click rate of 10,5%. Clients who receive a welcome email tend to engage more with the brand in the long term.

Why has the person subscribed your contact list?

  • To buy a product on your online store;
  • To test a free tool;
  • To download content, like an ebook, presentation, video, etc;
  • To receive newsletters;
  • Other reasons.

Regardless of the reasons, people have voluntarily subscribed, so your company must send a welcome email, because people are waiting to receive them!

Welcome emails are great to:

  • Create a relation with your clients and leads;
  • Engage your customers;
  • Cause a first good impression;
  • Convert prospects into clients.

What kinds of welcome emails can you write?

You may choose talking about the company’s history, in order to the client knowing it better, a presentation of your products or even the offer of a special discount. Regardless of the kind of email you are going to send in the future, it’s always important to welcome your new contact, because it brings more security and helps him to feel valued.

Take note of these tips to write a good welcome email!

Pay attention to the subject line

Include the termo “welcome” or “congratulations” on the subject line, with your company or brand’s name. Moreover, include the brand name in the sender field, instead of your name.

Offer a special discount

It may be a discount coupon, a free delivery, a discount on the first purchase or many other promotions. Include an appealing image, to show the offered discount.

Tell the brand history

Tell the best moments of the company and the reasons why it’s so important. Show the brand personality, because this will help to create a better engagement with your clients. Moreover, you may highlight the company’s history on the email or even make a video!

The client must know the advantage of being on your contact list

The client has to know what will find on your next emails: newsletters, information about new products, promotions, events, the frequency of your emails, etc. Clarify the benefits of maintaining on your contact list.

Pay attention to timing

You may last until 48 hours sending your welcome email, but the ideal is to send right after the person having subscribing your contact list. This is possible with automation tools, which allow sending a welcome email in real time.

Include links to social media

In addition to improve the engagement with the brand, you will increase the reach and frequency of your future campaigns.

Update your welcome email content when possible

Include images and seasonal content (Christmas, Carnival, Easter, etc.), to show that your company is worried with relevant and updated content.

Deliver the promised content

If someone has subscribed your contact list to receive any kind of free content (ebook, presentation, video, etc), include the name of the content on the subject line and put a link so that the person can accede it.

Show your gratitude

Thank the person for having subscribed and try to be as personal as possible. Send a simple and optimistic message which represents the brand principles.

Welcome emails are very important, because they are the first communication people will receive from your company. It’s when people are more likely to click on links, so it’s important to attract them from the beginning!