boas práticas de sms marketing

SMS Marketing is a channel that works thanks to its effectiveness, with high open rates, because people always have the mobile phone. This channel is also advantageous for sending direct campaigns, without wasting much time with, for example, the layout of an Email Marketing campaign. In addition, feedback is faster because people are always on their mobile phone, the faster they open the message and the faster they click on the links or respond to the campaign.

However, to be effective, it is necessary to follow the SMS Marketing best practices. Let’s take a look at them.

SMS Marketing best practices

Write clearly

The number of characters is limited, so be aware of this and do not use many (or any) emoticons. If you are informing customers of your offer, make sure you refer to the campaign deadline to give the idea of urgency.

Use Calls to Action

A good CTA is valuable in any marketing campaign, including text. When placing the link to point to a page, keep in mind that the website must be mobile-friendly. Otherwise, people give up on entering the site.

Attention to the schedules

It is not recommended to text at any time. Avoid sending messages at night, as people will be less likely to read. Read our article about the best time to text.

Customize your messages

Target your customers and create a different message for each segment. For example, discount codes are great for new customers. Another example is segmenting by location if necessary.

Be personal

Don’t give customers the feeling that they are just another contact on your list. Therefore, include your names in the message, a reference to an event, etc.

Add value

You can do this through coupons or special unique offers.

Follow these SMS Marketing best practices and you will find that your campaigns will be most successful.