usar sms marketing

As businesses grow, marketing techniques have to be even more effective. SMS Marketing is one of the techniques used by Marketing to achieve certain results. Therefore, companies should use SMS Marketing, not forgetting that this part of their Marketing strategy has a lot of potential.

Why should the company use SMS Marketing? What are the benefits?

Quick feedback

Mobile phones and smartphones are with people all the time, usually. In addition, more and more people use these devices on a daily basis. By sending SMS, messages are delivered soon and people see them faster and easier, so they will respond faster.


A company with a lower budget is easy to use SMS Marketing. SMS Marketing services offer cost-effective solutions with a few cents per message.

High open rate and conversion

Compared to Email Marketing, SMS open rate is much higher. That’s because people get so much spam in their mailbox, getting into the habit of not even reading emails. However, most people see text messages almost automatically on their smartphones. Thus, the open rates are almost 100%.

With high open rates, conversion rates will be equally high, especially if a call to action is included in SMS.

Direct communication

One of the advantages of using SMS Marketing is that you don’t have to write a lot of text. The message should be short, direct and persuasive.

Instant delivery

Messages are usually delivered in seconds. Also, as already mentioned, people check their phone / smartphone often.


Your SMS Marketing strategy need not be exclusively promotional. You can use SMS to congratulate your customers on their birthdays, send reminders (for example, if the customer has an appointment), send news, etc. See our article on the types of SMS Marketing.

Return on Investment

A good SMS campaign can help you increase sales without having to spend a lot of money on strategy. With a good call to action, people will be more likely to click on it and then shop.