criar uma loja online

Today’s consumers – the so-called digital consumers – are increasingly buying over the internet. Therefore, creating an online store has become a must-have strategy for companies that want to sell their products more and gain market prominence. To create an online store, you need to know how eCommerce works, analyze the market and determine what to sell in the online store.

Steps to create an online store

1 – Know how Internet sales work

The fact that you will create an online store does not mean you will have less work or make a lot of money quickly. Given that the sales world is increasingly competitive, especially in the digital age, you need to work well to make your efforts successful. Therefore, you must understand that eCommerce means selling through a digital channel, but with the same workload. The biggest difference is in the costs involved, since there are no expenses with a physical store.

2 – Have a good plan

Due to the growing competitiveness among companies in the virtual world, it is essential to define a well-structured business plan.

3 – Focus on niche markets

In niche markets, there is low competitiveness, being good for new entrepreneurs. Be present in these niches with high value added products.

Physical characteristics of products in your online store

You have to take into account the physical characteristics of products when you create an online store. The ideal is to separate products by groups:

• Product weight: Separate small and light products from large and heavy ones, as this avoids storage related problems.

• Value added products: These are those products that have gone through processes that add the most value to them.

• Exclusive products: Having low competition, exclusive products make your eCommerce easier.

How to boost your eCommerce?

Often companies do not know how they will make their online stores known. Here are some tips for leveraging your eCommerce:

• Build a blog and gain authority: a company with a blog shows knowledge about the products or services. In addition, it helps users answer questions as well as gives advice and tips.

• Use Email Marketing: email your customers that you have created an online store. You can, for example, highlight some products in the email that appeal to people. To do this, you might want to target your audience to show the most appropriate products.

• Use social networks: Networks are ideal for proliferating information.

Once the online store is set up, track its results and make corrections frequently.