descrição de produtos product description

E-commerce has evolved immensely.

The lower prices are the main reason why people buy online. However, companies should not focus on this factor alone. Product description in your online store is also very important as it helps people find your store faster.

In a physical store, you can touch the product, smell it (if applicable) and even try it. However, in online stores this does not happen. Therefore, a good product description that is as accurate as possible is important. Want to know how to optimize your e-commerce with the right product description?

Importance of Product Description in E-Commerce

Firstly, it is important for ranking in the search engines, meaning description is central to the SEO strategy. Well-crafted, informational product pages drive more traffic to your site because people will find your online store more easily.

Secondly, product description is important to encourage the public to buy the product, as this is how potential customers will know about your offer.

Tips for creating a good e-commerce product description

1 – Know the target audience

First of all, you need to know to whom the product will be sold, ie it is important to write as if it were for a person, as if you were explaining the product to them. This helps to create a closer relationship with people.

So create a persona and describe how that product will solve potential customer problems.

2 – Write a good title

The headline must be creative and not too long. If it’s too long, people won’t read everything.

3 – Don’t Forget the Details

Specify technical information such as material, measurements, weight, colors and other important features. You can type this information in a list or table.

4 – Search the keywords

Researching your keywords is a very important step in SEO strategy. So, search and define keywords, thinking about how people would search for the product on search engines.

5 – Show the advantages

By showing the advantages of product descriptions, you will be able to better convince your target audience. Refer to the qualities, the differentials and why the product is important.

6 – Use good pictures

Photograph the product from various angles if necessary. This will give people a better sense of what the product looks like. This will allow you to reduce after-sales complaints, meaning people will not be fooled.