primeiro sms do mundo

On December 3, 1992 the world’s first SMS was sent. On this date, Neil Papworth, developer of Sema Group, sent an SMS (Service Text Message) to Richard Jarvir, British Vodafone executive. However, this world’s first SMS was not sent from two mobile phones, but a computer and a mobile phone.

The message sent by Neil from the computer was very simple, wishing Merry Christmas. The mobile phone that received the message was an Orbitel 901.

Orbitel 901

However, Jarvis could not answer, because mobile phones at the time could not send SMS yet. That’s why Neil sent the message from a computer.

But who came up with the idea of SMS?

The creation of text messages is due to Matti Makkonen, a Finnish engineer in the field of mobile communications. The engineer suggested his idea in 1984 at a telecommunications conference. However, it was not implemented until 10 years later, with the launch of Nokia 2010, which was already able to send and receive text messages, unlike previous handsets.

nokia 2010
Nokia 2010

And today?

SMS usage is declining slightly today due to the use of other forms of online communication such as Messenger and Whatsapp. However, it is still widely used among users and very useful for SMS Marketing submissions. It was thanks to him that the forms of communication between present generations has changed and modernized so much.