estratégia de sms marketing strategy

Despite the growing use of messaging applications such as Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger, SMS remains a very important tool for businesses to contact their customers. Therefore, companies should always think of an SMS Marketing strategy.

So let’s see why a SMS Marketing strategy always works.

It is the most direct and effective channel.

Unlike other media, text messages open almost immediately, with 98% open rate. These are higher rates than Email Marketing. In addition, social feeds have so many posts that people hardly read them. Therefore, SMS is the best channel for generating interactions.

Customers love it

Many people prefer to receive offers by SMS. One of the main reasons is that this channel is compatible with all mobile phones. Although almost everyone has a smartphone, there are still those who prefer to use mobile phones.

It is a versatile channel

SMS can be used for various purposes: customer service, sending special offers, reminders, reservations, etc.

It’s more personal

People just want to receive SMS from companies that interests them. Then the company will already know that person is interested in receiving your message. Also, given that the mobile phone is personal, people don’t always want to give their numbers.

SMS Marketing campaigns can be done and sent in minutes.

This is very important especially for smaller businesses. With an SMS Marketing strategy, it is not necessary the work of graphic designers, because with sending SMS, just work the words. They can be written and sent in seconds.

Less is more

Every day, people are bombarded with messages from different companies, mostly by email. Thus, SMS counteracts this by sending a short and direct message.

Now that you understand better why an SMS Marketing strategy works, it’s time to put it into practice!