tamanho de email marketing

When sending email marketing, it is crucial that the message adapts to different email services and devices. Increasingly, people see email on their smartphones, so we need to consider this factor to adjust the email marketing size.

Email marketing size: Email width

Before the rise of mobile devices, email was seen on computers whose screens had low resolution. At this time, emails should not be more than 600 pixels wide.

This size was used by mail servers such as Hotmail, Yahoo, and Outlook before Gmail even existed. Thus, the width chosen by the developers had to fit all screen sizes. The 600 pixels were the standard so that emails could be read without having to move the cursor sideways.

So why are you still talking about 600 pixels wide if there are such varied screen sizes? This email marketing size continues to be used, so marketers make sure the email is completely seen. However, there is currently no universal standard that dictates the optimal email marketing size. By the way, there are already responsive emails that easily adapt to different screens.

As a result, many companies send emails ranging in size from 600 to 700 pixels, although some send in larger formats.

Image weight

The size accepted by mail servers is only 100 kbs per single image; for all emails in email, it’s 500 kbs. So if you send a long newsletter whose images outweigh this weight, you will most likely end up in the spam box. This causes problems in delivery rates and, consequently, bad reputation on the servers. Therefore, the ideal is to place few images and reduce their size.

Subject Size

The subject should ideally be between 20 and 41 characters. If the subject is longer than this, it will be cut off in mobile view and will lose prominence over other emails that the recipient is likely to have to read.